Criminal Rules


The OwlGaming Criminal Roleplay Rules are set up due to the high amount of criminal roleplayers and in order to set limitations and somehow create a market. Money should flow and allowing only certain people to do specific actions can ensure that. We also aim to let people venture in new kinds of roleplay, which they didn’t do before, sadly this has to be done by setting limitations, sometimes.

Restricted Areas

You may not commit serious crimes on purpose in high profile areas without adequate law enforcement on duty. You may check if there are enough law enforcement by asking an administrator. This limitation, however, is not to be used as a “safe zone”. If you are being chased by an attacker and run onto the steps of a police station, this does not mean they must suddenly stop all illegal activity. The following zones include all of their reasonable surrounding perimiters.

All restricted areas may have crimes purposefully committed on them such as robberies of banks with permission from the UAT.


  • Government Buildings such as County Hall, Memorials, Court Houses, Court Offices, and similar Facilities
  • All Saints General Hospital, County General Hospital, or similar Medical Facilities
  • Los Santos Police Department HQ and Precincts and Facilities
  • Los Santos Fire Department HQ & Facilities
  • San Andreas Detention Center
  • Bank of Los Santos


Comitting arson requires that an adequate number of emergency service employees are online to respond to the fire and must be approved by any administrator. All arson requires the owner of the property to be online when the request is made to administrators.

Note: It is assumed that all gas stations and government buildings have fire prevention systems.

Small Fires

Vehicles, small buildings without anyone inside, sheds, and similar places may be targeted with arson provided that there are at least two firefighters online.

Large Fires

Large buildings, buildings with people inside, forest fires, and similar places may be targeted with arson provided there are at least five firefighters online.


If planning to leave a character to starve to death, one must have a CK application accepted on the character. Otherwise there must be roleplay intended to free/feed the character.

Property Break-Ins & Robbery & Theft

If administrative intervention is necessary to complete a robbery or theft, such as unlocking a door that was kicked in, it must adhere to the following rules and needs administrative approval. If a door was left open for example and you just walked in, you do not need to follow the rules below or approval. An administrator is needed if property break-ins are done through the use of a door ram and you are not law enforcement.

You may not rob / steal:

  • If you have less than 10 hours on your character.
  • Other characters with less than 5 hours.
  • On-duty law enforcement officer’s equipment without administraive permission.
  • Faction badges or identification cards.
  • Automated teller machine cards (unless the player agrees).
  • Private custom skins (unless the player agrees).
  • More than $3,000 from someone’s bank account utilizing their stolen automated teller card (unless the player agrees).
  • Property or vehicle keys (unless the player agrees).
Some pieces of property require Upper Administration Approval to break into. They are:
  • Evidence Storage
  • Ammunations
  • Banks

Residential Property

All private residential property may be broken into and burglarized. The owner of the property must be online when the request is made in conjunction with at least two law enforcement officers.

Commercial Property

Commercial property such as storefronts, offices, businesses, etc, may be broken into and burgalarized. At least two law enforcement must be online. The owner does not need to be online.

Faction & Government Property

Since there is no owner for faction or government properties, only the requisite amount of law enforcement must be online.

Warrants & Property Inspections

Law enforcement and emergency services personnel may enter properties without the owner needing to be online with a sufficient enough reason such as serving a search or arrest warrant, entering the property with exigent circumstances, performing a fire inspection, etc.


Unless otherwise specified, all safes in interiors are to be roleplayed as mid-tier household safes.

Character Robberies

You may not player kill someone just before, during, or directly after a petty robbery. This is to prevent abuse of the amnesia effect when normally violence would not be utilized. The exception to this is if someone shows disregard for their life or there is some other exigent circumstance such as police showing up and you shoot at them to prevent them tackling you if you try to escape.

Vehicle Robbery

Vehicle robbery means vehicles which are broken into and have the contents inside stolen. They do not require the owner to be online and are treated like faction or government property robberies, however, government vehicles require permission from an administrator to be broken into.

Vehicle Theft

Vehicle theft refers to actually taking and moving the vehicle in question. This may only be done or attempted once every 24 hours. Just like robbery, government vehicles require permission from an administrator. An exception to this is a spontaneous vehicle pursuit and the government vehicle in question is co-opted.

If the key is in the inventory of a vehicle, you may steal the car without admin permission. If the player timed out you may not steal the vehicle, an admin can check connection logs to determine if the player timed out.