These rules apply across the entirety of OwlGaming.


Users of OwlGaming must treat eachother with respect. Insulting, trolling, flaming, spamming, or acting in otherwise disruptive ways is prohibited. Users must listen to what an administrator tells them to do when they are acting in an official capacity.


Multiple Accounts


Permanent bans are automatically issued as a precaution to prevent multi-accounting in cases where we find more than one account per IP address or computer.

Users of OwlGaming are prohibited from creating and or using more than one account on MTA, V, the Forums, or UCP and may only use the account they originally created themselves. There may only be one account per computer and IP address, however, users with siblings or friends who wish to play together on the same IP address must seek permission by filing a ticket through our Support Center or a UAT Contact. This permission may only be granted by a member of the UAT.

Sharing & Selling Accounts

Users of OwlGaming are prohibited from sharing, selling, giving away, or otherwise granting access of their account to others. Doing so is considered multi-accounting. Each user is ultimately responsible for the actions of others on their account if it has been shared. Users will not be unbanned or granted an appeal if they let someone else on their account and the rules are broken.

Accounts are considered private, personal, and unique to one player.

Server Advertising

Users of OwlGaming may not send links or otherwise discuss competing servers, communities, or groups of OwlGaming in a manner which advertises them or encourages others to join them or leave OwlGaming.

Inappropriate & Illegal Content

Users of OwlGaming must not post material or links to content which is illegal as per United States, Canadian, and International law. Additionally, nudity, gore, or otherwise similarly inappropriate content without spoilers, warnings, and a valid reason, is prohibited.

Illegal roleplayers discussing a drug cartel in real life and showing a video of a shootout with a “NSFW” spoiler would be acceptable, showing random gore for shock value is not.

Bugs & Exploits


If you attempt to reproduce a bug to submit it to our bug tracker, please ensure you tell an administrator so you are not accidentally banned. Using the excuse of reproducing or testing a bug is not an acceptable unban reason if you failed to tell an administrator!

Users of OwlGaming may not abuse bugs, exploits, or otherwise use any scripts or part of OwlGaming in a capacity it was not intended to be used. Users are obligated to report any bugs or exploits they come across using our bug tracker. If a bug or exploit occurs which grants or has the potential to grant users an unfair advantage, they should report that exploit or bug to an administrator as soon as possible in addition to submitting a ticket on our bug tracker.

Example 1:
While playing in game you see a bug where some text is flickering. Text flickering does not give an unfair advantage, thus, you do not need to tell an administrator but should still report it on our bug tracker.
Example 2:
During the process of moving items around in game, you accidentally duplicate a firearm. This clearly gives you an advantage. An administrator should be told and it should be reported on our bug tracker.
Example 3:
You move items around in game like in Example 2 and it only duplicates an item once. You cannot get it to happen again. While this series of actions does not give you an unfair advantage every time it occurs, it certainly has the potential to give you an unfair advantage and thus, an administrator should be told and it should be reported on our bug tracker.


Speaking and writing legible English is a requirement to play on OwlGaming. English is the only language that should be used when communicating in public throughout OwlGaming.

Third Party Programs

Users of OwlGaming may not use third party programs to gain an unfair advantage over other users. This includes hacking, using third party chat software to metagame, hotkey programs to type and perform an action unrealistically fast, etc. Some programs like Teamspeak or Discord may be used for approved scenarios such as police chases or faction-wide pagers under the supervision of administrators.

Mixing Currencies

Users of OwlGaming may not mix or trade in character currency or assets with out of character currency or assets, meaning, activities such as trading real life money for money in game or a car in game for GameCoins is prohibited.


OwlGaming users may not impersonate another player or staff member by using a similar or exact account or display name, or otherwise doing something which creates a certain level of confusion in determining the legitimacy of another user or staff member.

External Websites

Any domain not under direct control of OwlGaming may not be utilized for in character purposes unless an exception has been approved by the UAT VIA a UAT Contact. This approval is given with the understanding and agreement that the UAT has full access to the external website.

Some examples of this would be an external website created to advertise an in character business, a Dropbox to share an in character PDF document or utilization of any cloud service such as Google Documents, Spreadsheets, etc.

V Exceptions

MTA Exceptions


Users of OwlGaming may not utilize someone else’s personal content without their permission or pass it off as their own creation.


Users of OwlGaming may not research or broadcast personal or identifiable information about an individual without explicit permission.

Forum Misconduct

As it relates to the forums, users of OwlGaming may not troll, flame, spam, post meaningless content such as single word or off-topic replies, melodramatic or bewailing content or participate in otherwise disruptive behavior.

Constructive criticism and rational or mature discussion which may illicit an overeactive response does not mean the person making the valid point is trolling or flaming. Insulting someone because of a post they made is flaming, telling them you disagree because of a certain reason is not. Toxic behaviour expressed by creating drama, lying, or continuous negative posts without room for meaningful discussion is not allowed.

Deleting Forum Content

OwlGaming staff will only delete faction content such as stories, rules, etc, if requested by the faction leader.

Posts made on a thread will not be deleted at the request of the thread creator unless it breaks the forum rules. An exception to this are in character sections which are moderated such as website comments.


OwlGaming users’ signatures on the forums must be non-intrusive and small. No moving images or embedded videos.

Auction Rules

OwlGaming has a forum auction system which may be used by the players. The rules are found HERE.