Troubleshooting Joining Owl V


If this troubleshooting guide does not help, please seek further assistance on our Discord and Forums. If a solution for joining our GTA V server is not on here and has helped you, please inform the staff of OwlGaming so we may keep this as up to date as possible!

In General

Check to ensure that you have allowed RageMP access through your firewall and antivirus. These may be blocking your connection or the client from functioning properly, preventing you from joining Owl V. Additionally, verify that you have installed RageMP properly and meet their requirements by viewing their tutorial here. RAGE Multiplayer does not support pirated copies of Grand Theft Auto V, therefore in order to play, you must ensure you have a legitimate copy of the game.

Spawned As A Dog / Storage .blob Error

If you spawned as a dog and or get a popup error similar to “Data Storage Error #4” or “Data Storage Error #2” with “undefined:0”, this may be fixed by navigating to your “blob_storage” folder located inside your Rage install folder and deleting the contents inside.

An example of the type of error received.

.NET Errors

Some users are unable to launch their game through Rage in general. This is because of a .NET “FATAL ERROR”.

An example of the type of error received.

To fix this issue you’ll want to update your .NET Framework packages from your Windows 10 Updater, not from a download on the Microsoft website to ensure you are using the appropriate version. If this problem persists, ensure that you do not have any compatibility mode turned on for your RageMP or GTA V executables. Turning on compatibility mode will make it so Windows 10 .NET Framework packages are not used and thus break the launching of the game.

General RageMP Issues

When having issues with RageMP launching or allowing you to connect to a server or launch the game in general, it is always a good idea to ensure that you have a version of GTA 5 that RageMP supports and you have all of the files necessary for the game to run. Steam allows you to verify the integrity of your game files. This is highly recommended when experiencing these issues. You should also run your GTA 5 singleplayer at least once after a fresh install. If you are still having issues with RageMP itself, click here for their RAGE Troubleshooting page.